a thatched-roof post town, with an Edo period atmosphere

Even in the 21st century, Ouchijuku features buildings with thatched roofs. During the Edo period, the village served as a waystation on the Shimogo highway. Both sides of the village are lined with shops, including souvenir shops and soba restaurants. The friendly shopkeepers and scenic views have made this area a fun spot for tourists. The area was designated a National Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings.
The specialty is Negi-Soba (Soba served with green leeks), but the slow grilled char, and dumplings sold at the fronts of stores are also quite popular.
Because Ouchijuku does not have its own designated taxis, when reserving a taxi it is recommended you schedule a pick up time as well.

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住所 8 Aza Yamamoto, Oaza Ouchi, Shimogo-machi, Minami Aizu-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 969-5207
電話番号 0241-68-3611 (for Car Navigation System:0241-68-2657)
営業時間 9:00AM-5:00PM (each shop may vary)
定休日 none (may be closed in winter due to snow )
料金 Entrance is free
アクセス 10 minutes from Yunokami-Onsen Station at Aizu Railway (about 2,000yen)
WEB 大内宿観光協会(Ouchi-juku Tourism Association)  http://www.ouchi-juku.com/
湯野上温泉駅(Yunokami-Onsen Station)  http://www.aizutetsudo.jp/st_yuno.php




Ouchi-juku provides a breath of fresh air, being away from the main cities. It's remarkable how this little village has been preserved such that it still gives you the feeling of being in much earlier times. I can't wait to visit there in winter. It also feels very calm and traditional.


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