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Suzukiya Rihei Shop

Aizu Laquerware and Folk Art Shop

Fukunishi Laquerware Shop

Sandaimei Sobei: Aizu Laquerware Painting

Sakamoto Collection

From small shops "Sakamoto Collection" of Aizu, will be sold and manufacturing a beautiful and...

b Prese (Seki Bikodo Shop)

A small shop that specializes in design and formula (b Prese)

Fukunishi Main Store

A building from 1914, which features black laquerware

Aizu Aoi

traditional sweets made using traditional techniques

Iseya Confectionary

A long established confectionary in the 9th generation of ownership.

Nagatoya, Nanoka-machi Shop

Our café is also popular! A modern Nanoka-machi shop, part of Nagatoya, a shop with a long history

"Aizu Miso" Aizu Tenpo Jouzou

An Aizu Miso Shop with History

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