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Aizu Candle Festival - Yukihotaru

Fantastic Sights in a Wintery Aizu

Tsuruga-jo Castle New Year's Day Visit

Start the new year like a feudal lord!

Tokaichi Market, held on the 10th of January

The biggest New Year market in Aizu, with a history of over 400 years.

Memorial Service for the Byakkotai

Remembrance of the Byakkotai Tragedy

Oyukake Matsuri Festival at Higashiyama Onsen

A unique festival where visitors can splash portable shrines with onsen water.

Bon Dance at Ashinomaki Onsen

Sing and dance together to the famous bon song, "Aizu Bandaisan".

Grand Tea Party in Tsuruga-jo Castle.

The annual biggest tea ceremony in Aizu, held during autumn at Tsuruga-jo Castle

Oyakuen Herb Garden Autumn Leaves Festival

The garden of the feudal lords is open to public to celebrate autumn. Enjoy the season in this...



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