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Aizu Shurakukan (Souta Watanabe Family Shop)

Delicious Aizu sake and specialty products

Honmaru Tea House

Enjoy a break surrounded by the inner grounds of Tsurugajo castle.


Plenty of healthy local food: naturally fermented miso, pickled vegetables, hand-squeezed sesame oil,...

Shibukawa Donya

Local cuisine and accommodation. A space reminiscence of the romance and elegance of the Taisho era.

Tsurugaoka Saryo

Aizu Fine Dining and Local Dishes

Soba Shusai Shou

All food is completely handmade by the proprietress of the restaurant

Soba Kou-Juan

A soba shop near Tsurugajo castle that serves 100% handmade soba.

Tokuichi: Handmade Soba and Udon noodles

filled with heart and well-wishes


Enjoy Aizu ramen and sauce-katsudon, an Aizu specialty, in an uniquely Aizu atmosphere.

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