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Aizu Seimen: Noodle Manufacturer

We make and sell a variety of noodles. Tours and hands-on experiences are available.

Bandai Sightseeing Cruise

Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature on a lake cruise!

Sazae-do (nationally designated Important Cultural Property)

Experience the wonder of the double structured winding stairs!

Tsuruga-jo Castle (National Historic Site)

Tsurugajo castle, the city's main tourist landmark, made its comeback with the newly red-tiled tower


Mysterious colored lakes, swamps and ponds

Shirokiya Laquerware shop

Founded 300 years ago. The shop specializes in Aizu painting techniques. There is also an art...


You can enjoy a "Tour of the Baths", featuring natural, private viewing, and outdoor baths.

Onyado Toho

Located on the hill at the entrance to the Higashiyama Onsen Village, the hot springs overlook the...

Hoshiban E-rousoku (painted candles) Shop

Enjoy painting candles at a long-established Aizu Clan Shop

We can offer the best Aizuwakamatsu travel plan for you with the answers to 3 simple questions.