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How to travel by bus


Haikara-san/Akabe are Aizuwakamatsu City’s town bus going round major spots throughout the city. They go around the same route, but Haikara-san goes counter-clockwise, Akabe clockwise. You can ride Haikara-san and Akabe in the same way.
(Information here is as of Jan2016 & may be changed without prior notice.)

The green bus is Haikara-san. (Some are in different colors.) It departs from Aizuwakamatsu Station and goes towards Nanokamachi and Tsurugajo.

The red bus is Akabe. It departs from Aizuwakamatsu Station and goes towards Iimoriyamashita (Sazae-do).

Enter and exit the bus from the front door. pay your fare when you exit the bus.

Upon entering, please:

  • Take a seat wherever available, or stand and hold the handrail or strap-hung handle.
  • Note that smoking in buses is prohibited all day.
  • refrain from using mobile phones and respect other passengers.
  • Get small change or change your seat when the bus comes to a complete stop. Walking around when the bus is moving is very dangerous.

Press the exit button when the on-board announcement tells you are approaching your stop.

Fares: 210 yen for adult. 110 yen for child.

If you need small change, use the change machine near the bus driver’s seat. Only 1000-yen bills, 500-yen coins, 100-yen coins, 50-yen coins are acceptable.

If you have a Aizu Bus 1-day pass or an Aizu Gurutto Card, show it to the bus driver when you exit the bus.


Transport Guide

Two-day Bus and Train Pass

Aizu Gurutto Card allows you to enjoy unlimited 2-day travel across bus and train network in Aizu area. A must-get card if you are travelling mostly by bus/train. You can get discounts and other benefits at tourism /lodging facilities and restaurants.


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