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How to travel by taxi


Note: Information here is as of Feb2016 & may be changed without prior notice.

You can ride taxis in Aizuwakamatsu in the same way as in Tokyo or Osaka.

When you enter a taxi, the door will open automatically. The driver will put your luggage in the trunk for you.

Pay the taxi fare according to the fare meter when you exit the taxi.

The taxi stands are outside the train stations, but only at some stations such as Aizuwakamatsu Station, Yunokamionsen Station and Inawashiro Station.
There are few taxis on the street looking for a customer; so you need to call up a taxi if you want a taxi.

会津若松市 白虎タクシー 0242-28-1555
あいづタクシー 0120-69-2468
会津交通 0120-54-6700
葵観光タクシー 0242-37-1533
合資会社広田タクシー 0242-75-23-21
猪苗代町 猪苗代タクシー 0120-62-3635
磐梯観光タクシー 0120-62-2364
あいづタクシー猪苗代営業所 0242-62-2222
北塩原村 猪苗代タクシー五色沼営業所 0241-32-2950
下郷町 湯野上タクシー 0241-68-2345
会津交通下郷営業所(マルイタクシー) 0241-67-2121


Transport Guide